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Complete Preliminary for School

book cover - Complete PET 2020
book cover – Complete Preliminary 2020
TitleComplete Preliminary Student’s Book with Answers English for Spanish Speakers
Books for Cambridge Preliminary (format 2020)
AuthorsCaroline Cooke, Rod Fricker, Emma Heyderman, Peter May
EditionBritish English
PublisherCambridge University Press, 2019
ISBN8490364842, 9788490364840
Length200 pages

Overview for Complete PET

Complete Preliminary 2nd edition is the most thorough preparation for the revised B1 PET.

Complete PET 2nd edition is the most thorough preparation for the revised B1 PET. Complete is trusted by millions of candidates worldwide. This course allows you to maximise students’ performance with the Complete approach to language development and exam training. It creates a stimulating learning environment with eye-catching images, easy-to-navigate units and fun topics. Students are able to build confidence through our unique understanding of the exam and insights from previous candidate performance. A unique exam journey using the Complete formula, through Exam advice and integrated exam practice, delivers successful and stress-free outcomes.

Complete Preliminary 2nd: Student Book without Key

Complete PET covers everything, as its name, for Cambridge PET exam preparation, from the language development resources to exam tasks type in its exercises.

The book contains 12 units for classroom study. It helps them to develop the necessary reading, writing, listening and speaking skills for the exam as well as teaching essential grammar and vocabulary. For those who are not planning to take the exam in the near future, the book provides skills and language based around engaging topics, all highly relevant for school-aged learners moving towards a B1 level of English.

Key features of Complete PET

1. Each unit outline

  • an authentic exam task taken from each of the four papers (Reading, Speaking, Writing and Listening) in the Bl Preliminary for Schools exam.
  • essential information on what each part of the exam involves, and the best way to approach each task. Exam advice boxes before exam tasks explain how to do this.
  • a wide range of enjoyable speaking activities designed to increase learners’ fluency and ability to express themselves.
  • a step-by-step approach to doing Preliminary for Schools Writing tasks.
  • grammar activities and exercises for the grammar learners need to know for the exam.
  • vocabulary activities and exercises for the vocabulary you need to know for the exam

2. Review unit

Six unit reviews. These contain exercises which revise the grammar and vocabulary in each unit.

3. Exercises and tasks

  • A wide range of exercises, including those found in the Cambridge English exams, ensures students practise the task types they will encounter in the exams.
    • Guided sentence writing
    • Fill in the blankets with correct verb tense (mixed tenses)/ form/ word/ word form (with give items in blankets/ in box/ …)
    • Correction (rewrite the sentence correctly) (but no need to find the errors, just correct them)
    • Choose/ Circle the correct words/ phrases (between two options)
    • Error identification and correction
    • Complete Crosswords
    • Multiple choice
    • Word formation (FCE tasks)
    • Fill in the gap with prepositional phrases/ fixed phrases/ phrasal verbs/…
    • Paraphrasing (multiple choice)
    • Categorize the words/phrases or pronunciations
    • Picture dictionary activities (find the items and say the vocabulary for these items in one picture)
    • Rule completed with fill in the blank
    • Collocation box (fill in the blank in the sentence between the words in box) – B2 tasks (but with lower English demand for B1 learners)

3. Reference and practice material in Complete PET

1. Speaking and Writing reference sections

These explain the possible tasks students may have to do in the Speaking and Writing papers, and they give you examples and models together with additional exercises and advice on how best to approach these Speaking and Writing exam tasks.

2. Grammar reference section

A Grammar reference section which clearly explains, unit by unit, all the main areas of grammar which you will need to know for the B1 Preliminary for Schools exam. There
are also practice exercises for all grammar points.

3. Workbook

A Student’s Workbook containing: 12 units for homework and self-study. Each unit contains
further exam-style exercises to practise the reading, writing and listening skills needed in the Bl Preliminary for Schools exam. In addition, they provide further practice of grammar and vocabulary, which also use information about common Preliminary for Schools candidate errors from the Cambridge Learner Corpus.

Review for Complete Preliminary

English language levels to start this bookA2 – KET: with teacher instructions

(from Pre-IELTS to ~ 4.0-5.0 IELTS)

English language levels after this bookB1-PET or ~ 4.0-5.0 IELTS
Can this book be used for self-study?Not recommended.
How long does it need to learn on unit?·       Perceptive skills – Reading/ Listening skill: 45 mins

·       Productive skills – Writing: 60 mins; Speaking 30-35 mins

·       Grammar/ Vocabulary presentation – 45 mins (accompanied or separated with skill)

·       Homework – 45 ~ 60 mins (learners alone)

·       Exercises correction and feedback – 45 mins (classroom)

The course elementsThe book should be used as a course book for a B1/ PET course.

It is highly recommended to go with its supplementary resource as its Workbook or Test generator.


The exam preparation resourcesThe PET tasks here on this book have been updated, authentic and comprehensive.
Score (out of 6)

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