Destination B1: Grammar & Vocabulary (review and download)

Destination Grammar and Vocabulary B1

Book cover
TitleDestination B1: Grammar & Vocabulary
Books for Cambridge Preliminary (format 2020)
AuthorsMalcolm MannSteve Taylore-Knowles
PublisherMacmillan Education, 2008
ISBN0230035361, 9780230035362
Length256 pages

Overview for Destination B1

Destination Grammar and Vocabulary B1: An English-learning resource focusing on vocabulary and grammar, ideal for students at intermediate level (used as grammar practice), those who are preparing for Cambridge English: Preliminary (PET). The up-to-date syllabuses with the exercises are based on the B1 level of the Council of Europe Framework (for the relevance with exam at intermediate level).

DESTINATION B1: Student Book with Key

Destination Grammar is ideal as a leaners’ s grammar and vocabulary practice book at B1 CEFR level. The book contains 28 grammar units and 14 vocabulary units covering a wide range of exercise types, including those found in Cambridge PET.

Key features of DESTINATION B1

1. Each unit outline

  • Each grammar unit begins with a clear one-page presentation of grammar rules and examples followed by carefully graded exercises providing students with reference and practice opportunities all in one place.
  • The topic-based vocabulary units open with presentation tables showing topic vocabulary, phrasal verbs, prepositional phrases, word formation and word patterns while the accompanying activities offer systematic practice of the target language and vocabulary.

2. Exercises and tasks

  • A wide range of exercises, including those found in the Cambridge English exams, ensures students practise the task types they will encounter in the exams.
    • Guided sentence writing (included pictures)
    • Fill in the blankets with correct verb tense (mixed tenses)/ form/ word/ word form (with give items in blankets/ in box/ …)
    • Correction (rewrite the sentence correctly) (but no need to find the errors, just correct them)
    • Choose/ Circle the correct words/ phrases (between two options)
    • Error identification and correction
    • Complete Crosswords
    • Multiple choice
    • Word formation (FCE tasks)
    • Fill in the gap with prepositional phrases/ fixed phrases/ phrasal verbs/…
    • Rewrite sentence with limited words count. (PET tasks – old)
    • Match two halves of sentence.
    • Paraphrasing (multiple choice)

3. Reference and practice material in DESTINATION B1

  • The reference and practice material provides students with additional support, including
    • Irregular verbs (present/ past)
    • Topic vocabulary: a unit-by-unit glossary of vocabulary with definitions and example sentences from the Macmillan Essential Dictionary (no pronunciation information)
    • Phrasal verbs: with meaning (in English) and examples.
    • Prepositional phrases , Word formation glossary and Word patterns: alphabetically ordered, with examples.

4. Consolidation

  • The series includes fourteen 2-page reviews and two 4-page progress tests, providing extensive opportunities for consolidation of grammar and vocabulary skills.


English language levels to start this bookA2 – KET: with teacher instructions

(from Pre-IELTS to ~ 4.0-5.0 IELTS)

English language levels after this bookB1-PET or ~ 4.0-5.0 IELTS
Can this book be used for self-study?Not recommended.
How long does it need to learn on unit?Grammar/ Vocabulary presentation – 45 mins (with teacher)

Homework – 45 ~ 60 mins (learners alone)

Exercises correction and feedback – 45 mins (classroom)

The course elementsThe book should be used as supplement resource for a B1/ PET course (it does not contain communication practice)

Can be used as workbook for a grammar mainly course.

The exam preparation resourcesThe PET tasks have been out-of-date, so need newer version.  But overall, the book can be used for lower immediate students to engage in grammar and vocabulary practice.
Rating (out of 6)

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