Determiners: Quantifiers

Do you know how many sentences are correct? Let’s examine your knowledge about Determiners –  Quantifiers!
© All of children can be difficult.
© We all can swim.
© All stood up.
© All what I have is yours.
© She lost all.
© The every plate was broken.
© I’ve written to my every friend.
© I see her every days.
© Every room are being used.
© Each new day are different.
© He’s lost nearly each friend he had.
© Both my brothers carried the piano upstairs.
© The both children have fair hair.
© Come on Tuesday or Wednesday. Either days are OK.
© Please be quiet. Some of people want to get to sleep.
© She’s unhappy because she’s got any friends.
© I can write with any hand.
© ‘Which newspaper would you like?’ ‘It doesn’t matter. Every one.
© Not any tourists ever came to our village.
© None of my parents could be there.
© No one of my friends wished me a happy birthday.
© He’s got much money.
© The most children like ice cream.
© Most of cheese is made from cow’s milk.
© A lot of my friends wants to emigrate.
© The majority of criminals is non-violent.

Yes, all of them are INCORRECT. You should have the same answer. Look below for lessons about Determiners –  Quantifiers.

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