PET TRAINER 1 – Practice test 2 – Audio script

PRACTICE TEST 2 – Audio script



Track 24 – Training. 

Kam is 17 years old. He has short, dark, straight hair and is tall and slim. He’s wearing jeans, a belt, a T-shirt, and trainers.

Track 25 – Training.

Today the weather in Scotland will be colder than in recent days with snow falling on the hills. Be careful of ice if you are driving today and remember to take extra time for your journey. The maximum temperature will be two degrees, but it may go as low minus five overnight. Moving now to Northern England. It’s a better day for you, You will see some sunshine, but it will be very windy, so althou you could see temperatures of up to seven degrees, it will feel more like two or three degrees, so wrap up warm, For those of you in Wales, you won’t see the sun at all, I’m afraid, It’s cloudy all day and there will be some showers. Temperatures are a bit higher than those we’re seeing elsewhere, though.

Track 26 – Training.

Girl 1: So, what did you buy at the shops today?

Girl 2: Well, I was planning to buy that dress that was in the sale, you know, the one with the stripes, but they didn’t have it in my size.

Girl 1: Oh, no!

Girl 2 So, ended up getting a skirt instead.

Girl 1: The one with the same kind of stripes as the dress?

Girl 2: Yes! I did think of getting the flowery one, but the colours were a bit too bright.

Track 27 – Training.

  • Can I help you?
  • We’re at the end of the road.
  • Would you like a cup of tea?
  • You should have listened to him.
  • Would have helped if I’d known.
  • What are you doingfor lunch?

Exam Practice

Track 28


Girl: So you found your mobile phone then

Boy: Yeah, I spent most of yesterday evening looking everywhere for it. including in my dad’s car. I was sure it’d fallen out of my pocket when he gave me a lift home from school, but I was wrong. Of course, I never thought of checking the pocket of mv iacket. which is where I noticed it this morning! I’d begun to think I’d left it in the drawer of my desk and I’d find it when I got to school

Girl: At least you’ve got it back.


Girl: How much longer is the game on for?

Boy: I thought you liked basketball …

Girl: I do – love it, but my team’s not playing today, and anyway. it’s -early time for Life Beneath the Waves – there’s a special report on whales.

Boy: Don’t you and Dad want to watch that quiz show you like, Ask we Another? You usually have a competition to see who can get most questions right.

Girl: True, but I’m sure he won’t mind missing it for just this time.

Boy: I guess not. OK, what time does it start?

Girl: Now!


Boy: How was the zoo?

Girl: I really enjoyed it – there were so many different animals to see. My favourites are usually the penguins. My little brother and I laugh much when they walk around the pool – they look so funny! It’s a that they were all in the water, swimming yesterday – because it was hot, I suppose. So it was the monkeys playing in their tree that were biggest attraction for me this time, although seeing the baby elephant with its mum came a close second.


Girl: Which character are you in the school play?

Boy: I’m the main character’s father. I need to look much older than am, so I have to wear a suit and glasses. The director said my character should have long, fair. curly hair, so I have to put that on, too.

Girl: I’m sure your short dark hair would look just as good.

Boy: Maybe, but you have to do what the director says. He tried to me wear a moustache, but it kept falling off. so we gave up that idea 5

And now for the weather. A lot of cloud will move in from the west this morning, bringing heavy rain to all parts of the country by early afternoon. Driving in these conditions will be quite difficult, so take care on the roads. This rain will be accompanied by strong winds. will stav with us over the next few days, but overnight. any remaining rain will clear awa% leaving clear skies everywhere. The sunny weather should stay until the day after tomorrow, when, unfortunately, the rain returns.


Girl: Hi, I was just calling about going clothes shopping together tomorrow. I’m still OK to meet at two, but I think I’d prefer it if we meet at the clock in the town square as we’d arranged – you’re always late and there’s nothing to do there. So how about seeing each other the café? At least I can have a snack while I’m waiting. We could just at the clothes shop, but I’d probably finish my shopping before you there – I know what you’re like!


Girl: Did you get that book you wanted for your music classes?

Boy: I did. I went into town after school today and got it then. It was on special offer too: so it was reduced by two pounds from seventeen pounds ninety-nine to fifteen pounds ninety-nine. I know we saw it the internet for less than that – it was thirteen pounds ninety-nine, think – but I really need it for my class tomorrow and there’s no way would arrive in time.

Girl: Well, I’m just glad you found it.



Track 29

  1. In general, I like spicy food, but this curry is too spicy.
  2. We only gotto spend one day in Rome. We didn’t see very much.
  3. There aren’t enough hours in the day!
  4. Luckily, there was a question about the heart in my biology test.
  5. Finally, someone answered the phone. Boy: What’s your new teacher like?

Track 30

Girl: She’s nice but a bit strict.

Boy: Is she too strict, would you say?

Girl: Well, teachers need to be a bit strict, don’t they? If not, the students wouldn’t work hard enough. She’s very fair, which is the main thing.

Track 31

  1. Let’s go to the park now. Unless you can think of anything more interesting to do?
  2. 1 quite enjoyed the film. It’s a pity it wasn’t a bit shorter, though.
  3. 1’m afraid I’m too tired to help you. You’ve wasted the whole afternoon instead of doing your homework.
  4. My driving instructor says I should take my drivingtest next month. I know I should be a bit scared, but actually I’m looking forward to it!
  5. There are lots of dinosaurs in the museum. I thought this was a museum about living creatures!

Exam Practice

Track 32



Girl: I enjoyed that.

Boy: Me, too. I don’t think either of them played a wrong note in the whole performance.

Girl: I think I heard a few – perhaps they hadn’t had enough time to play together before the concert.

Boy: Maybe. I still wish they’d played a little longer, though – maybe a few more songs.

Girl: I thought it was about right as it was. That kind of music sou nds so much better in a smaller place – I don’t know why they chose to have it there.

Boy: The two guitars are too quiet for somewhere that size.


Girl: That was an amazing play.

Boy: It was. Over half the people watching were school students like us.

Girl: I guess that’s not so unusual for an afternoon performance. Most adults are working then.

Boy: I wonder what it’s like being an actor. They must have to practise so hard.

Girl: The ones in this play certainly had. I found it difficult to believe how realistic they managed to make all of the characters.

Boy: Yes, and I couldn’t predict what would happen at the end.

Girl: I studied this play in literature classes last year, so I already knew what was going to happen.


Girl: How was the art course?

Boy: Fantastic —I learned so much. Girl: So what was the best bit?

Boy: There were so many, but if I could only choose one, I think it’d be how the teacher got us to practise techniques in a number of different ways. I thought I’d spend most of the time drawing or painting, but we did so many other activities. all of which were quite useful for developing our skills.

Girl: Sounds good.

Boy: And I never knew there were so many jokes about artists! Our teacher seemed to know them all, which was great fun.


Boy: Are you walking to school with us tomorrow?

Girl: I might go on my own. actually. I don’t want to be late.

Boy: But you’ll enjoy it more if you come with us.

Girl: It’s often no different to walking by myself because you all walk slowly along with your headphones on.

Boy: We show each other things on our phones, too.

Girl: That’s true, which is great in our free time, but not when it means arriving half an hour later than I would if I was by myself. At least you’re polite enough to move out of the way for other people on the pavement, though.


Girl: How’s your new house?

Boy: I like it. The colours aren’t what I’d ever choose, but my mom says we can easily fix that. My bedroom’s much bigger than the one at the old house, which annoyed my brother as his is quite small – like the rest of the house.

Girl: I thought people usually moved to be somewhere bigger

Boy: Sure, but where it is is important, too, and the new one’s much closer to my parents’ work and to school, too. ! can walk there in five minutes. which means I get to stay longer in bed in the morning.


Boy: How was your weekend?

Girl: Good, thanks. We went for a day out by the river.

Boy: The river near here? It’s easy to walk to, but it’s not like there’s lots to do there.

Girl: I know. That’s why we went somewhere else, about an hour away in the car. It’s dangerous for swimming because the river’s really deep and wide there, but we’ve never found a better place to sit and eat. I know you’d probably prefer somewhere which has lots of activities, but it’s really peaceful, so we just sit on the grass. enjoy our food and relax. Boy: Sounds nice.



Track 33

Hello, everyone. I’m Karim and I’m going to give you a short presentation about my work experience last year because I know you’ll be organising your own work placements soon.

I worked at Butterfly World, with another boy. Now, I’ll tell you straightaway that the hours are a bit challenging: we’re used to starting school lessons at 8 a.m., but we had to reach the butterfly house by 6.45 and be ready to work at 7 a.m. We found that quite hard!

We were expecting to have to wear a green uniform, like the staff; but instead of that, they just asked us to come in old clothes. The work can be quite messy, actually. Another thing: I took my camera on the first day, thinking I could get some good pictures, but actually I didn’t have much time to use it, so I wouldn’t recommend bringing one. In fact, the only thing you really need to take with you is your lunch for the midday break.

We had to help in the café, and one day we helped clean the pond – it might sound strange, but I loved that! They showed us how to handle butterflies, which was really cool, and we helped feed them with cut-up fruit. But for me the best thing was learning about the butterflies – there are so many things I didn’t know and I found it so interesting! One day they even let us give a talk about butterflies to a group of schoolkids!

Anyway, if you want to have a go yourselves, you need to be quick, and apply before 12th March. And you should hear if they’ve accepted you by 2nd April. The person you need to write to is Monica Ainscough – I’ll spell that for you: A-I-N-S-C-O-U-G-H. Thanks for listen ing!

Track 34

  1. The twenty-third of February
  2. October the ninth
  3. Five thousand three hundred and fifty-two
  4. Sixteen pounds forty
  5. The thirty-first of December nineteen eighty-one
  6. A hundred and twenty-six
  • Two thousand and three

Exam Practice

Track 35


Listen, everyone! I’ve got some information about this year’s school photography competition. As you’ll probably remember, last year’s competition asked you to focus on the topic of travel, but photos should have something to do with the environment this time.

As in previous years, there are certain things that we want the photographs to include. We want all the pictures to have wildlife in them. So we’re not looking for photos that only show landscapes or people. The head teacher has decided to ask someone from outside the schood to judge the competition this year. She was hoping that local artist Salk, Graves would be able to judge the entries, but she’s actually away at tra time. Writer James McKay has agreed to help us instead. I’m sure many of you have heard of him, as he’s quite famous and was born not far from here, too.

It was felt that most keen photographers already have the photography books or equipment they need, so the organisers have decided that winner will receive a photography course run by Central College instead. The College was also hoping to have a small photography exhibition for winners of all the school photography competitions in the area, but ther gallery’s too busy putting on other shows, I’m afraid.

The winner of the competition will be announced on 11th March. If you wish to enter, please make sure we receive your photos by 15th February, as the judging will take place on 19th February.

So if you’re interested, send your entry to the school secretary, Mrs Mitchell, not to me or the head teacher. I’ll give you her email address it’s k dot mitchell, that’s spelt M-l-T-C-H-E-double-L at school dot com. Good luck!


Exam Practice

Track 36

Woman: Callum, you have a popular book review website. How did you learn about setting up a website?

Callum: I first learned to write computer programs when I was eleven. We created instructions in class to control a little robot. My mum works in IT, though, and she showed me how to use similar skills to create my own pages online. There are hundreds of websites about this too, but I fount them quite confusing.

Woman: Why did you decide to set up a book review website?

Callum: I’d seen an article about teenagers not reading enough and was wondering about possible solutions to this. My best friend’s into video games and writes reviews for various websites. These sites Seem to encourage teenagers to play more games, so I thought it must be possible to do the same with reading. It’s nice to see teenagers exchanging opinions about literature, rather than video games.

Woman: How did you feel when your site first went online?

Callum: I was nervous, of course, but I couldn’t believe how well it worked. But even when a site looks as good as mine did you can never be sure that people will like it. And if it ends up not no way you’Il achieve what you’ve set out to do with the site.

Woman: You have school, your website and a social life – what’s a typical day like?

Callum: You’d think I’d never have a chance to relax, wouldn’t you, but it’s rarely that busy. I certainly don’t have many opportunities to get bored, I everthing I do though out each day is so difference. I make a plan each evening for what I want to achieve the next day, which I usually stick to.

Woman: What would you like to be doing when you’re 18?

Callum: Many website designers have ambitions to join one of the huge technology businesses based in the USA. I want to stay close with my family in Canada, though. I’ve thought about studying. However, I learn better by doing than by studying, so I’d prefer to have my own web desin company than go to college.

Woman: Tell us about your new website …

Callum: I wanted to create something about music. When I looked online, I found very little on how music supports people through difficult times and how sharing stories about this benefits others, so that’s what I’ve done. There are so many sites for uploading your own song or for finding out how to play guitar, or whatever, but I wanted something different.

Woman: Thank you, Callum!



Track 37

  1. Interlocutor: What do you do in your free time?

Juan: I like watching TV, but the thing I like doing most is playing football with my friends.

  1. Interlocutor: When did you start learning English?

Juan: I started learning English about four years ago.

  1. Interlocutor: Tell us about your favourite teacher.

Juan: My favourite teacher is my science teacher. He’s English, but he speaks my language fluently.

  1. Interlocutor: What are you going to do next weekend?

Juan: My cousin is coming to my house next weekend.

  1. Interlocutor: What do you usually have for dinner?

Juan: I don’t eat chicken or any other meat, so I usually have vegetables.

  1. Interlocutor: Tell us about your school.

Juan: The school I go to now isn’t as big as my last school. It’s quite small actually.

  1. Interlocutor: What do you enjoy doing with your family?

Juan: When we go out together, we all want to do different things. My parents like going for walks, but I don’t, so I prefer to stay in and play board games with them.

  1. Interlocutor: Where do you usually go shopping?

Juan: There aren’t really any good shops near my house, so go into the city centre.



Track 38

In the photo, there are six children who are all getting onto a bus. They look like they are going to school because they are all carrying rucksacks that look a bit like school bags. Also, the bus looks like it might be a school bus. The bus has its door open and one boy is starting to climb up the steps onto the bus. It looks like it might be quite warm, but not very warm, because one gi rl is wearing a T-shirt, but most of the other children are wearing jackets or shirts with long sleeves. The children are all wearing different things, so they don’t have to wear a school uniform where they live. I think it might be autumn because there are still some leaves on the trees, but there are lots of dead ones on the ground, too. It looks like a cloudy day with a bit of sunshine.

Track 39

In the photo, I can see three women who look like they are shopping. The two women at the front are carrying shopping bags and all three women are looking at the, I’m not sure what they’re called, but they are like plastic models that wear clothes in shop windows, so people walking past can see the clothes. The woman at the back is pointing at something in the shop window and it looks like they are all discussing the clothes they can see. They are all smiling and look like they are having a nice day out together. The women are wearing nice clothes and jackets, too, and the woman at the back also has a scarf on, so maybe it’s quite a cold day. Behind the women, we can see a few people walking along the street, and it looks like there are other shops and shop windows next to the one they are looking in.



Track 40

Angelika: So what do you think the teacher should do, Rafael?

Rafael: Hmm … I think that photographing birds and animals is a good idea. I mean, they’re starting a photography course, so it would be good to do some photography together.

Angelika: I’m not so sure. They’ll be doing that a lot on the course, so in my opinion it’d be better to do something different, like going to the cinema.

Rafael: But don’t you think it’d be very difficult to talk to each other at the cinema?

Angelika: Oh yes, you’re right! And not everyone likes sport, so the teacher should avoid that one.

Rafael: I agree, but having a meal together is very sociable and a nice thing to do.

Angelika: Yes, that’s definitely the best idea.



Track 41

Boy: I always talk about the TV programmes we’ve seen with my friends, oh, and the videos we’ve watched online, too. What about you?

Girl: Yes, I talk about TV programmes and videos, too, because we like to recommend new things to each other, so we’ve always got something new to watch. What else do you talk about? Sport?

Boy: Not really. None of my friends are into sport and I’m not either. We discuss video games as well and sometimes tell each other how to do certain parts of the game that are difficult. It really helps us to get better at playing them. Do you talk about sport or video games with your friends?

Girl: Sometimes. We all like watching football, so we sometimes discuss the latest match. More than anything, I think we like talking about famous people, though. They’re so interesting.

Boy: I think so, too!

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