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Weather-Forecast: reading weather news
Weather Forecast: reading weather news, practice your weather vocabulary

Let’s reading news about weather in Vietnam, an articles from Saigon Times.

HCMC – Many parts of Vietnam will continue bracing for sweltering temperatures that will escalate fire and health risks.

The heat wave is forecast to hit northern and central Vietnam hard between May 7 and 9, with high temperatures ranging from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.

Some mountainous areas in the north and central region may experience high temperatures of up to 42 degrees Celsius. Between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., the temperature will hover at 35 degrees Celsius.

In the Central Highlands, part of the south-central and the southern regions, the typical high temperature was predicted to reach 37 degrees Celsius between May 6 and 10, or even higher in some places.

Besides this, the capital city of Hanoi is expected to heat up over a three-day period starting today, May 7, with a maximum temperature of 37 degrees Celsius. The weather may cool down from May 10 onward.

The blistering heat may increase the risk of forest fires in the central and mountainous areas of the north and the Central Highlands. Also, it poses a high risk of fire in residential areas due to the surging demand for power on hot days.

Further, people should take extra precautions to protect their health as hot weather can lead to dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke following prolonged exposure to high temperatures.

The UV index in Hanoi and Danang is 9-10, while it is 8-9 in HCMC, presenting an extremely high risk to those directly exposed to the heat.

Original post: Hot weather increases health/fire risks – The Saigon Times

Download article and tasks:

Task 1: Vocabulary synonyms and definition: Weather news article reading

  1. Which of the following options would best describe for the word “sweltering” in first paragraph?
    1. blistering
    2. melting
    3. destruction
    4. chilly
  2. What is the best synonym for the verb escalate in the 1st paragraph?
    1. decrease
    2. increase
    3. stabilize
    4. spoil
  3. Which of the following options would be the best definition of heat wave 2nd paragraph?
    1. a period when the weather is colder than usual
    2. fever and weakness caused by being outside in the heat of the sun for too long
    3. fever, weakness etc caused by being outside in the sun for too long
    4. a period of unusually hot weather, especially one that continues for a long time
  4. Which of the following options would be the best definition of dehydration 7th paragraph?
    1. an illness with a high temperature and often loss of consciousness, caused by being in too great a heat for too long
    2. the process of making something/somebody take in and hold water
    3. the condition of having lost too much water from your body
    4. an illness that happens when you are very active in hot conditions and that makes you feel very weak and sick

Task 2: Reading comprehension

Part A: Read the article and decide whether the following statements are “True” or “False.”

  1. According to the article, freezing weather can cause several health problems.
  2. Northern and central Vietnam are expected to experience a hard heat wave whose elevated temperature may be up to 42 degrees Celsius.
  3. The typical high temperature in some mountains of central area Vietnam would vary from 37 to 40 degrees Celsius.
  4. The highest temperature of the heat wave in Hanoi starting from 7th of May is 37 degrees Celsius.
  5. Only forests in Vietnam are under high risks in these heatwaves.
  6. High UV index sunlight can result in dehydration, heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Part B: Based on the information on the article, fill in the blank in the table (no more than 3 words or numbers for each blank)

AreasTypical high temperatureUV index
Northern and central Vietnamfrom __________ degrees Celsius_______
Hanoia maximum temperature of 37 degrees Celsius
Central Highlandsto _______ degrees CelsiusNo information
Ho Chi Minh CityNo information________

Task 3: Language Development: Collocation and phrasal verbs

Question 1: Read the article again and find 3 different noun phrases to describe HOT TEMPERATURE: _______________, ________________, ______________

Question 2: Write in the missing verb in its correct form or adjectives for below sentences.

  1. Climate change ______ serious risks to the environment. (=might be dangerous)
  2. Elderly people were the hardest ____ by the increase in tax on fuel.
  3. Rain is ________ for all parts of southern England tomorrow.
  4. We are seeing an ________ demand for housing in the area.
  5. _______ exposure to the sun can cause skin cancer.
  6. Temperatures will _______ around eight to ten degrees Celsius, that is forty-six to fifty Fahrenheit with only a moderate breeze.
  7. It’s been hot all summer, but it’s finally starting to _______ a little.
  8. The stones ______ in the sun.

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