Book Review – from Jane

Book Review – Tuổi Trẻ đáng giá bao nhiêu – from Jane

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Everyone knows books are very important in our life. Are there any books that change your outlook? For me, the book that left the most impression was “How much is the youth worth”. The book is written by blogger Rosie Nguyen and published in 2016 has attracted many readers.

“HMITYW” is experiences of the author from nearly 10 years. It had 5 parts but my favorite was Part 1 and Part 2. Part 1 talks about the importance of health. First of all, if you want to study well, you need to have good health by eating, playing sports, …The author recommends everybody should learn in more ways: reading, studying online, traveling, … to improve knowledge. This part outlines some bad habits make us become lazy like: watching TV or using smartphone too much, … to help us know the right way to learn. Part 2 focuses on how to apply knowledge which learned in life.

What I like in this book is simple writing style, close words so that readers only need to read once to understand the content. Because “HMITYW” is written by the author’s experiences, it inspires easily to every people. When I read it, it reminds me to do my forgotten dreams. Specially, the book quotes some famous quotes. The quote I like most is “Not everyone who reads books is successful but there is fact that succeed peoples read a lot of books”. This book also has evidences and precific directions that make reader don’t feel as bored as other youth books. In my opinion, “HMITYW” is a useful book.

In conclusion, “HMITYW” is a facinating book suitable for 20 aged. When the life is too difficult, take out the book, read and try to overcome. I belive that it won’t make you upset. Good luck.




















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