Full and free: Oxford English File 4th edition – Beginner

As you may already know that Oxford English File is one of the most popular book series for English learners around the world. It is widely used in many schools, language centres, colleges and universities as a standard textbook/ coursebook for EFL/ ESL students.

English File provides both learners and teachers academic support and reference. Teacher Guide package includes over 100 free-to-use handouts for any busy teachers to prepare for their lessons. Moreover, the guide also offers some more tips or teacher ideas for planning or delivering the lessons. To make the lesson more vivid, Oxford also invents a handy teaching tool: Classroom Presentation Tool, which combines Student’s Book and Workbook with interactive button and answers key.

The series consists of 6 Language Levels: from Beginner to Advanced (CEFR: A1 – C1).

Oxford English File 4e – Beginner

English File 4E Beginner Student's Book with Online Practice
English File 4E Beginner Student’s Book with Online Practice – Front cover

English File fourth edition provides the right mix of language, motivation, and opportunity to encourage students to discuss topics with confidence.

The book edition offers new units, updated reading passages and follow-up activities, together with the refreshing and fine-tuning materials that both teachers and self-learners can find them extremely helpful:

Student’s Book – Download here and  Audio

Student book provides lessons and activities which allow students to practise and build their language skills, follow up lessons they have missed and record progress with Online system.

Workbook – Download here and Audio

Workbook rehearses each lesson and can be used as extra lessons during class or set as homework.

Enhanced Video

Videos are integrated into the Student’s Book. Video listenings and activities follows the entertaining drama with Rob and Jenny.

Sound Bank Videos – Download here

Sound Bank give the students the wonderful opportunity to listen to a clear voice of the English materials to improve their pronunciation and their listening skill.

The Teacher’s Guide packages – Download here and Answer key

Teacher guide package gives teachers everything they need to create useful and terrific lessons that make sense for all of their students. Moreover, self-learners can have their answer key and script there.

Test packs

The package includes Short tests for each of the units, as well as Progress Tests, an End-of-course Test, and an Entry Test, which teachers can use to classify their student levels.

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