Grammar exercises: Passive Voice – Unit 7 B&D

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This is the answer key for the grammar exercises handout.

Unit 42

2 When was television invented?

3 How are mountains formed?

4 When was DNA discovered

2 is made2 a covers
3 was damaged2 b is covered
4 are shown3 a was stolen
5 were invited3 b disappeared42.4

2 All flights were cancelled because of fog.

3 I was accused of stealing money.

4 How is this word used?

5 All taxes are included in the price.

6 We were warned not to go out alone.

7 This office isn’t / is not used any more.

8 Five hundred people were invited to the wedding.

6 ‘s/is found4 a died
7 were overtaken4 b were brought up
8 are held5 a sank
9 was injured5 b was rescued
10 is surrounded6 a was fired
11 was sent6 b resigned
12 is owned7 a doesn’t bother
7 b ‘m/am not bothered
8 a was knocked
8 b fell
9 a are they called
9 b do you call
UNIT 4343.2
43.13 It’s been stolen! / It has been stolen!
3 be made4 Somebody has taken it. Or …taken my umbrella.
4 be kept5 He hasn’t been seen since then.
5 have been repaired6 I haven’t seen her for ages.
6 be carried7 Have you ever been stung by a bee?
7 have been arrested8 It’s / It is being repaired at the moment.
8 be delayed9 It hasn’t / It has not been found yet.
9 have been caused10 The furniture had been moved.
10 be knocked43.3
11 be known2 A new road is being built
12 have been forgotten3 Two new hotels have been built
4 some new houses were being built
5 The date of the meeting has been changed.
6 I didn’t know that our conversation was being recorded.
2 was given2 being invited2 got stung3 were
3 wasn’t told / was not told3 being given3 get used4 given
4 ‘s paid / is paid4 being knocked down4 got stolen5 lost
5 been shown5 being bitten5 get paid6 being
6 was asked6 being treated6 get broken7 get
7 weren’t given / were not given7 being stuck7 get asked8 doesn’t
8 to be offered8 got stopped9 was
10 weren’t
2 Many people are reported to be homeless afuer the floods.2 You’re / You are supposed to be my friend.
3 The thieves are thought to have got in through a window in the roof.3 I’m / I am supposed to be on a diet.
4 The driver (of the car) is alleged to have been driving at 110 miles an hour. or … to have driven at …4 It was supposed to be a joke.
5 The building is reported to have been badly damaged by the fire.5 Or maybe it’s / it is supposed to be a flower.
6 The company is said to be losing a lot of money.6 You’re / You are supposed to be working.
7 The company is believed to have lost a lot of money last year.7 It’s supposed to be open every day.
8 The company is expected to make a loss this year.
2 they’re / they are supposed to be2 ‘re / are supposed to start
3 it’s / it is supposed to have been3 was supposed to phone
4 they’re / they are supposed to have won4 aren’t / ‘re not / are not supposed to put
5 the view is supposed to be5 was supposed to depart
6 she’s / she is supposed to be living6 isn’t / ‘s not / is not supposed to lift
1 b2 Sarah has her car serviced once a year.
2 a3 Have you had your eyes tested recently?
3 a4 I don’t like having my hair cut.
4 b5 It cost fifteen pounds to have my suit cleaned.
6 You need to get this document translated as soon as possible.
2 I had it cut.2 f
3 We had them cleaned.3 a
4 He had it built.4 e
5 I had them delivered.5 c
6 She had them repaired.6 b
2 We had our bags searched.
3 I’ve had my salary increased. Or I had my salary increased.
4 He’s had his application refused. Or He had his application refused


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