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How many synonyms are there for journey?


Journey /ˈdʒɜː.ni/ is a word that means an act of travelling from one place to another, or a long and often difficult process of personal change and development1. It can also be used as a verb to mean travel somewhere1. Especially in British English, journey is an occasion when you travel from one place to another – used especially about travelling a long distance, or travelling somewhere regularly. There are many journey synonyms that you can use to make your writing more varied and interesting. Here are some examples:

  • trip a journey to visit a place
  • tour a journey for pleasure, during which you visit several different towns, areas etc
  • excursion /ɪkˈskɜː.ʃən/a short journey by a group of people to visit a place, especially while they are on holiday
  • expedition /ˌek.spəˈdɪʃ.ən/ a long and carefully organized journey, especially to a dangerous or unfamiliar place
  • commute /kəˈmjuːt/ the journey to and from work that someone does every day
  • pilgrimage /ˈpɪlɡrəmɪdʒ/ a journey to a holy place for religious reasons
  • trek a long journey, for example over mountains or through forests, especially one that people do on foot for pleasure
  • travel noun [uncountable] the general activity of moving from one place to another

What is the most common synonym of the word “journey”? – That is the word “trip”.

These are just some of the synonyms for journey that you can use in your writing. You can find more synonyms at 2 or Merriam-Webster Thesaurus 34. You can also use different forms of these words depending on the context and tense. For example:

  • I went on a trip to Paris last week.
  • She is planning an expedition to Antarctica next year.
  • He trekked across the desert for three days.
  • They embarked on a voyage around the world.
  • We enjoyed our cruise along the Nile river.
  • He loves going on safaris in Africa.
  • She took me for a ride on her bike.
  • He drove me to the airport this morning.
  • She transferred to another school last month.
  • They made their crossing by ferry.

What is the most common synonym of the word “journey”? – That’s “trip”.

I hope this blog post helps you understand some of the synonyms for journey and how to use them in your writing. What kind of writing are you working on?

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