Reading practice: Ho Chi Minh City the best destination

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Ho Chi Minh City the best destination - reading practice article
Reading practice: Ho Chi Minh City the best destination for solo backpacking:

Reading article: Ho Chi Minh City the best destination for solo backpacking:

Among destinations for solo travelers, Ho Chi Minh City is most suitable for solo backpackers, according to U.S. online magazine

The Vietnamese metropolis is a bustling and affordable place that offers a wide range of attractions to solo travelers, from the inexpensive food and accommodations to an abundance of cultural and historical sites.

“Its vibrant culture, friendly people, and amazing food attract millions of tourists annually,” said.

“And it’s also one of Vietnam’s safest cities.”

The website recommends travelers try some of the mouth-watering street food available in every corner of the city, especially in District 1, District 3, and District 5, do shopping at Ben Thanh Market, and visit the Notre-Dame Cathedral Basilica of Saigon in District 1.

Travelers can book tours to the Mekong Delta from Ho Chi Minh City.

It is also easy to get around the city with many transportation options, from buses, taxis to motorbikes, and metro lines in the near future.

Ho Chi Minh City welcomed nearly 1.4 million foreign tourists and 10.6 million local travelers in the first four months of this year, according to the municipal Department of Tourism.

The city set a target to serve five million international arrivals as well as over 35 million domestic visitors and generate some VND160 trillion (US$6.8 million) in tourism revenue this year.

Source article: Ho Chi Minh City the best destination for solo backpacking: | Tuoi Tre News

Exam reading practice.

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Synonym and reference

  1. Find 3 words that similar meaning to city, or related to the city: _______________; _______________; _______________
  2. Find 3 words that similar meaning to tourists: _______________; _______________; _______________
  3. Find 2 words/ phrase that similar meaning to Vietnamese people coming to Ho Chi Minh city for tourism purpose: _______________________; ______________________

Collocation: Fill in the blank with suitable words

  1. Breakfast and lunch are well-presented with abundant and ______________ self-service buffets.
  2. The ____________ downtown area of Chicago is dotted with massive new office developments.
  3. The company has _________ ambitious business targets.


Read the following sentences, and decide whether each of them is TRUE or FALSE

  1. An European magazine website considers Ho Chi Minh City to be most suitable for solo travelers.
  2. We can’t find delicious street food in other districts, outside District 1, District 3, and District 5.
  3. 12 million tourists have visited the city in the first four months of this year.

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Verb collocation with noun “target”

  • meet a target (=achieve what you want to achieve) e.g., The government wants to meet its target of building three million new homes by 2020.
  • reach/achieve/hit a target (=meet it) e.g., They achieved their target with just days to spare.
  • set a target  e.g., The company has set a target of 10 million wholesale broadband connections by 2014.
  • exceed a target (=achieve more than you wanted to) e.g., We have exceeded our target of £200,000.
  • fall short of a target (=achieve less than you wanted to) e.g., Car production at the plant has fallen short of its target by 5%.

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